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I was talking with some people about the show we're planning on putting on, and telling them that if we're able to put this on, we'll have enough money to put on another. And perhaps we could just keep renting the hall out and booking more bands. With the way we're making friends, I'm sure people would love to play. But as I thought harder, I realized that keep hold of the money would be difficult. So I laughed and said I would open a bank account for the magazine. And someone responded with "you could register as a business at city hall in Livermore for only $15 and open an account like that." And then it hit me, we could do it. Skank Magazine Prodcutions, anyone? It would be a great way to get the magazine out there, and since I can print them at work... it isn't as if we have to spend this money on something else.

Think about it. I know Ashley likes putting the shows on, and I wouldn't mind renting the hall if we had the money. ;)
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