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Hey. We're tyring to get the Oct. 29th show off the ground. First of all right now we need anybody who can donate any money (it's over $600) towards renting the hall. I already know about Scott & Ladies Room Records, Alex said he'd pitch in a few days' work, and Matt's working on the $250 deposit, but any other funds would be GREATLY appreciated.

Second order of buisness:
My good friend is planning on renting out the hall in her name. Legally, if anything is busted or not cleaned up, she would end up in a lot of shit. We don't want that, obviously. We desperately need a permanent set up/clean up crew. Anybody who can come in and help set up equipment, clean up, set up tables, banners, bathroom necessities, etc. We need people to stick around after and clean everything up. In order to put on this show, this is mandatory. Please comment or send me an email ( to let me know if you can commit to this. PLEASE & THANK YOU.

If there's anything else you can volunteer to do, or help with let me know. We want this to be successful and I know you do too!


-Ashley, Skank Magazine

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